We’re very focused on preservation of capital, and we like assets that are easy to understand and have good cash flow. We call it belt-and-suspenders investing.

Gino Cozza, Chief Operating Officer


VCM invests alongside successful entrepreneurs and management teams in small and mid-sized growing companies with proven products, technologies and business models.

We require that our investee company’s leadership retain meaningful stakes in their businesses to promote alignment of interest. We prefer established companies whose business models enjoy both high barriers to entry and paths to organic revenue growth. Vukota’s management team is also experienced in creating value in portfolio companies via consolidation opportunities, technology development, and operational improvements.

Lower middle market focus:

Deal size up to $30 million

Equity investment size up to $30 million

Investment types:

Equity in private or publicly listed companies

Convertible debt

Investment style:

Control or minority investments

Constructive partnership with management teams

Target industries:


Food and Agriculture


Consumer Products

Financial Services

Geographic focus:

Companies based in North America

Companies based in Europe

Current Investments



Life Settlements


Islip Flow Controls Inc.


Delego Software


Citadel Capital Partners Ltd


Labyrinth Investments LP


Coachman Energy Partners LLP


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VCM Real Estate

VCM Real Estate identifies and acquires multifamily, medical office and lodging assets located in secondary and tertiary markets, and then employs top-class property management to add value.


VCM Private Equity

VCM Private Equity invests in established companies led by successful entrepreneurs and management teams in sectors with which we are intimately familiar.


VCM Public Markets

VCM Public Markets constructs sector-agnostic public market investment portfolios with the twin goals of stable income and the mitigation of market risk.