VCM Global Asset Management Invests in MTM Logix

18 November, 2022

– Mario Veraldo, former head of Maersk Mexico and co-founder of MTM Logix, seals strategic partnership with private equity firm VCM Global Asset Management to address global logistics bottlenecks for customers with one-stop-shop supply chain solutions –

November 17, 2022The institutional investor firm VCM Global Asset Management invests in digital supply chain provider MTM Logix. A company co-founded by Mario Veraldo, the former head of Maersk Mexico and former commercial director for Maersk East Coast South America.

MTM Logix seeks to disrupt part of a multi-trillion-dollar global logistics industry frequently dogged by bottlenecks worldwide by automating, customizing, and using machine learning solutions to rethink supply chains and logistics processes for mid-sized and large companies, preventing inevitable fires in real-time when supply chains breakdown. The digital logistics management and freight forwarder services provider also uses big data to refine supply chain efficiency by increasing the predictability of the transport of goods for its clients.  

As part of the significant stake VCM will be taking, VCM Managing Director Santiago Tello and co-investor and President of the Argentine Fintech Chamber Ignacio Plaza are joining MTM Logix’s board, bringing critically important venture capital, financial and tech expertise to the investee. They also join co-founders COO Andrea Velasquez, former sales manager at Maersk Mexico, and CFO Gerardo Velázquez. VCM investment proceeds will accelerate hiring and infrastructure development across target countries.

“The war in Ukraine, COVID-19, and the Suez Canal situation show just how fragile the global supply chain is and has been since long before the pandemic started and inevitably will continue to be. Consumers are either paying much higher prices or finding goods are not reaching supermarket shelves in Florida/Mexico/Brazil, leading to inflation spikes around the world, creating a headache for companies, and leaving logistics directors awake at night. Now, there is a way to address these issues and while we have the right technology and decades-long expertise, what matters is our ability to react as soon as delays form. This is critical, and we want to become known for this because it allows companies to focus on other things that matter. At the same time, we manage their logistics management processes and provide them control and reaction across the whole supply chain,” says Mario Veraldo, CEO at MTM Logix.

MTM Logix was established after logistics gurus Veraldo and Velasquez came together to pinpoint critical supply chain issues exacerbated by the pandemic and develop solutions. Now, the founders have reinvented the concept of control towers, adding customization and automation to a unique service approach, allowing customers to go from simple control of their shipments to full-fledged supply chain outsourced, offering a one-stop shop for clients in the US, Mexico, Brazil and Central America with global logistics needs.

“Logistics has never been more complex with different regulations across 210 countries, the big problem is that customers need the ability to react. With the power of our tools, including our global control tower interface, we can see when and where cargo gets stuck. We know when ships, trucks or planes are moving or not and where the delays are. We have an eagle-eye view, and this gives us an edge when dealing with challenging situations fast. Outsourcing is key, and our customer journey is very different because we analyze, consult, recommend, provide customized solutions and then act on it,” says Veraldo.

“We are thrilled to invest in MTM Logix for its unique approach to supply chain management and freight brokerage solutions, the founders bring real expertise to the table, and we see the rapid upscaling potential of their real-time global interface, knowledge, and hands-on teams,” says Santiago Tello, board member of MTM Logix and Managing Director at VCM Global Asset Management. MTM Logix is one of several recent key investments that VCM has made as an institutional investor, and the private equity firm looks to find unique off-market opportunities across the Americas and Europe.

MTM Logix is offering a one-stop shop of services to customers by centralizing the running of their logistics, and simplifying their processes, including purchase order and contract management, container visibility, factory and dealer visibility, agents and shipping company performance, follow-up, alerts and arrival notifications, ocean insights, workflow automation, and continuous analysis, taking care of the hurdles that clients face daily, delivering solutions sooner rather than later and ultimately driving costs down for its customers.

“We are really hands-on, for example, if there is a problem in China and our client is asleep in Mexico, we are already working on a solution, this is some of the beauty of what we are offering to our customers,” says COO Velasquez.

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About MTM

MTM Logix is a company focused 100% on control towers for international shipping. It creates fully customizable, automated, and scalable solutions for its customers. From its headquarters in Mexico City, MTM Logix serves customers in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Brazil, and the United States. It amalgamates technology and second-to-none customer service to provide a unique level of control to its customers’ shipments.

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